Yesterday was such a good day celebrating my birthday.  I do have to say though, the older I get, the less my birthday actually feels like a birthday.  getting old is boring.

When I first woke up I was torn whether or not I should run or rest…Luckily this girl helped me decide.

So rest and eat pancakes is just what I did!

i love them

chocolate chip banana goodness

Those pancakes were total amazeballs.  Serious stuff right there!

The rest of the day I spent my time with Jbone running a few errands and working on the never-ending house stuff.

Eventually both of our families came by for presents and cake, clearly my favorite part of birthday celebrations!  This girls too!

I got so SO spoiled.  Running gear and new Tory Burch swag.  I’m so stinkin’ lucky.

I did get one present that means so much to me.  It is friggin incredible.  My mom had a quilt made with t-shirts from races we have done and pictures.  The pictures are all super special pictures too.

It is so amazing and I can’t wait to hang it up!

As for today? back to my normal routine of running, crossfit and clean eating.  Since it was my birthday and calories don’t count on your birthday, I took full advantage of that and now today I am way tired and sluggish because of it!

Do you have any mini-goals for today or the week?

Make it a great day!



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