Welcome Home

Holy Macarooooni, moving is a lot of work but guess what….. WE FINALLY MOVED IN!

All the headaches and money and time and tears (yes, tears) and stress and sleeplessness…all of it, SO worth it.  Our house is amazing.  It is slowly coming together but we have a livable house and so far I’m in love.

before the couches, and i still loved it

I would have been the most lost person on earth without the help of mine and Jbones family.  From moving to hours spent ironing curtains, I am so so incredibly thankful to have such amazing people in my life.  ESPECIALLY my brother, his bff and my uncle who spent hours doing odds and ends at the house and oh you know, just busting their ass laying hardwood floors!  My brother especially, the past few times I have moved he has been the one that has taken his time and helped me.  One year brother even helped me the day after a blizzard with a 9 month pregnant wife, just the two of us, move an entire house of shit.  I am so so lucky to have him.

Once all the big furniture was here it was a waiting game for home depot, cable and a couch delivery….all on the same day!  Guess what, they each gave me a 3 hour window when they would be here and ALL got here at the same time.  Hectic? For sure.  Worth it?  Dear God yes!

There was also a ton of help cleaning, mostly from these two.

Unpacking is a bitch.

I was able to sneak out for a lunch date with my BFF though.  Sometimes you just need to allow yourself a break, and that’s what happened yesterday!

I was able to sneak in one CrossFit workout the other day and 4 days later my abs are still painfully sore. I have also been trying to keep my running up.  Luckily this was a drop down week in my long run distance.  Tomorrow I am planning on getting back to my normal routine. The only difference?  I get to come home to couches and tv and a HOME!

The rest of the day?   Celebrating my 27th birthday!  Happy birthday to me 😛

Hope you are having a great weekend!



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