Sometimes running is not the cutest thing.  Weird things happen while running. Sometimes they can even be embarrassing to talk about.  A friend of mine mentioned something about his nipples bleeding on a longer run and it got me to thinking about some not-so-pleasant things that happen to me on some of my runs.

Last week when I went for my longer run I wore the least amount of clothing possible since it was lava outside.  The shorts I chose were these and awesome but a little on the tight side.  So tight, in fact, that they ever so comfortably pressed my butt cheeks together.  Ohhh yes, the good ol’ butt crack chafing.  Similar to nipple bleeding, except in another not so pleasant spot.  The thing is, I didn’t know it was an issue until I got in the shower.  Hot water on raw skin hurts like a bitch.  That’s all.

A lot of times I also get the awesomeness that is chafing right along my sports bra line.  Actually, I have scars from getting it so often.  If any of these awesome things happen you I suggest this bad boy

Good Ol’ Chub Rub.

It looks like a stick of deodorant but it’s basically an invisible barrier, similar to using vaseline I would imagine.  I use it everywhere, in between my thighs thats cute, near where my tricep fat might rub along my body…seriously, I know you wanted to know all of this.   I call it chub rub, but if you ask for that in stores you might get a weird look.  It is also known as Body glide!

Luckily I didn’t need any of it on my run last night.

My legs were really tired running.  I haven’t done too too much lately, so maybe my lack of exercise is the problem?  I was a little slower than I would have liked but I was more concerned about getting the mileage in.

As for today, I am thinking I will finally get my ass kicked in CrossFit.  It’s been just about 2 weeks since I went so I am sure today will suck bad.  Oh well.  It is a gorgeous day here so it’s better than doing more housework!

How do  you spend time outside on nice days like this?



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