No Rest for the Homeowners

If anyone ever tells you that buying  a house won’t be that much work, punch them.  right in the mouth.  Trust me.

I know it is a lot of work, but I know it will be worth it once it is awesome and J and I are all moved in.  I mean, soooo soon!   Happy Birthday weekend to ME! I get to move into the house in 4 short days!  Even my family is excited for themselves me!

It is an exhausting, time-consuming process.  No rest for the weary, except when you’re this guy.

Even though J and I have been busting our balls putting in 12 hour days, so has the rest of our families.  We are both BEYOND grateful.  I mean, even this chick needs to come help and see her amazing dad who is laying hardwood for us.

Even though we have been non stop working, we did manage to sneak in a nice motorcycle ride for some ice cream this weekend.

I do miss CrossFit though.  Like, horribly.  I snuck in a 5 mile run yesterday morning just as the sun was coming up.  I took the day off work to work on the house but still woke up before 5am.  NOT a vacation day if you ask me.  But I had a good run so it was worth it.  I am praying I can show face at CrossFit tomorrow.  PRAYING!  See those hamhock arms in the above photo?  They aren’t going away on their own!

Jbone and I are trying to find a way to express how seriously thankful we are for all the help we are getting.   We know we have spent a lot of time on the house, but so has everyone else in our family.

Any suggestions on some wallet-friendly ways to say thank you?

How was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “No Rest for the Homeowners

  1. Having family around to help is so awesome. Maybe you can feed all of them at a big party when you’re done. Or if they deserve more, you can massage their feet after the party.

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