Hot runs and fun housework

What day is it?

seriously, it’s all a blur

On Friday after work I took the pups to visit family at their lake house

Clearly we had a good time, not just in the car but at the lake too!  Lola was beat, I never saw her just lay, and it happened.  It’s a frickin miracle

Since we got home earlier than expected, I did what any normal person would do on a 95 degree, 400% humidity kind of night…I ran 10 miles.

snowflake headband in 95 degrees, totally norm

My face is burple.  Yes, burple.   The run was hot.  like, can’t breathe hot.  but I knew I had a really busy weekend in store so I figured I would get it over with.  I am glad I did.  It was hot and hard but I didn’t hate it!  Even for how hot it was, I still held an 8:40 pace, which, for a long and hot run, I am super content with.  After the run, a treat for me!

By the time I showered and got dressed it was just about 9.  J and I decided to be crazyyyy kids and drive to see some friends that were camping.  We didn’t even get there till almost 10.  Who am I these days?!

As for today?  12 hours, yes 12 hours, of house work.  I scrubbed more than I have ever in my entire life.  We measured and cut and cleaned and moved and  sweat and the best part of it?  We had fun.  J and I spent a good 1.5 hours in home depot.  Neither of us knew what the heck we were doing, and will probably end up returning most of what we bought but we had a good time.  I never knew home depot could be so fun 😉

After all the hard work we did today, you would think we are done right?  Nope, back at it again tomorrow but this time, with some help 😉



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