Rest and Balance

You know what’s weird?  Not doing any form of exercise after having run 40 days straight.  I got home from work and considered going to CrossFit but I got stuck working on the house.   Looks like I am having an easy week.  I am hoping that next week I feel so rested and ready to bust balls.

When I got home from working on the house I even considered running.  A nice walk with all the pups and roomster sounded WAY better though.  I feel….guilty that I didn’t do anything today.  But, I earned the rest, right?  I deserve a day to do nothing.  I mean, I didn’t sit around watching tv and eating munchkins like i would have liked too.   I was working on the house, scrubbing, mopping, painting, moving and sweating my balls off.  So, at least I was active!

I have been eating meat for about 5 days now, and so far so good. I am happy with the choice I made.  I don’t have much food at my house since I am moving soon, so I haven’t really cooked but I am sure that will change.  I did stop to get some deli turkey today.  For dinner tonight I had swiss cheese and turkey roll ups with a side of pretzels.

One thing I do notice in the few short days I have changed my diet is that I feel more satisfied.  I’m not sure if it’s from the food actually filling me up or from the feeling of eating an actual meal.  I don’t eat meat at every meal and I don’t plan on it.  But I am hoping to keep up with a clean, well-balanced way of eating.  CLEAN being the key word there 😉

My mom just emailed me a few more pictures from yesterday.  A before of me and the brother and a during of our lives flashing before our eyes!

I’m like, so beautiful sometimes

Tomorrow is Friday, and that makes me happy!



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