Giving up and Boating

Guess what I am doing today? NOT RUNNING!  Sounds weird since this is a running blog, but today will be my first day of not running since May 28.  Hot damn that’s a long time!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Runners World Summer Run Streak!  You should be so proud of yourself, and also enjoy a well deserved rest day today 😛

On Tuesday I went out for speedwork in the way of a tempo run.  My plan was to do 1/2 mile warm up, 4 miles at 7:50 pace and 1/2 mile cool down.  Nope, not happening.

It was one of those runs that just wasn’t there.  I was tired, my stomach hurt, it was hot and my mental game was not good.  About 1.7 miles in I decided to stop getting angry with myself and gave up.  I completed 4.5 slow and steady miles.  It was just one of those runs that all together sucked.  I was cranky afterwards too, that’s the worst.

With that being said, bad runs are to be expected.  I hate them, but they can be a good thing.  For me, they are humbling and a good indicator of what I need in my training (like a freaking rest day).  They put my training into perspective.  I think I need to take today off and I need to remember why I like to run.  Runs don’t always have to be fast, they can be slower especially on hot days.  I don’t know if the ‘right’ thing to do was to push through it and keep trying for a speedy run, but I just didn’t have it in me.  There is always next week, right?

The next morning I left my house with no watch, no spibelt, no phone, no music…just my sneakers.  It was just as the sun was coming up and I just ran.  I needed that, badly! I did somewhere between 4 and 5 miles. I have no idea how fast or slow I was going but I went and that’s what is important.  I am hoping that a rest day today will help me not only physically but mentally too!

After my run I enjoyed an awesome waffle and almond butter breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent with Jbone, my family and the water!!  My family rented a lake house and we took full advantage of that yesterday!

We had such a good time.

And I even got to hang with my BFF.

She is happy, I swear

I have a busy few days ahead of me but I am hoping to sneak up to the lake one more time before they pack up and head home!

How did you celebrate the Fourth?



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