That time I did all the awesome things

This weekend was aweeeesome.  Quality girl time.  Quality boyfriend time.  Quality run time.  The only thing that could have made it better is if there was a sand and ocean involved 😛

First off—

I’m ALMOST DONE with the Summer run streak.  Dude, my legs are cryin’ for a break.  Anyone else?  I am looking forward to a complete rest day Thursday!

Ok—-Where were we…

Friday was the big day..

Turkey sandwich.  I didn’t love it but it also wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  I was thinking more of something on good bread with good cheese and good tomatoes.  But, I didn’t hate it.  Or die.  thank god for that one.   The rest of the weekend I ate my meatloving face off.  Hot dogs and turkey for everyone!  maybe even a taste of bacon.

bacon cheers. totally normal

I plan on eating meat more often.  Not in the form of hot dogs and bacon, but more in the way of lean meats like turkey and chicken.  I feel way different from than I anticipated.  I thought I was going to feel so guilty and ashamed but nope… I am excited to cook more, to have more options of things I can eat and I’m really interested in seeing how I feel in a few weeks!

After all the meat was eaten, we went to see my other boyfriend in concert.  It was a freakin BLAST! I love Dave Matthew Band.  I’m pretty sure when they sing, they sing to me and only me.  My mom, Slull and I had such a fun time.  We even stayed until the very end.  Encore of Ants Marching?  AMAZEBALLS

I love hanging out with those two.  I am soooo lucky that we all get along and actually, for real, like each other.  We just laugh and laugh when we are together, it’s awesome.
Saturday morning we all woke up nice and early and went for the hottest run of my life a run.  Running in Hershey isn’t as flat as I had hoped but I still managed to get in a little over 9 hot ass miles.

The rest of my weekend consisted of never ending more house stuff and a BBQ Saturday night.


I am seriously craving some beach time in my life.  I am working on figuring out a weekend I can go away right now!  I am just so freakin busy, I don’t know when I can fit it in! Hey, at least I am busy with all good things!

Life is good!

Make it a great day!!!



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