Hi folks! Seems like this post will be a little all over the place, so good luck keeping up! 😉

First off, thanks for all of the encouraging words about changing my eating habits.  I haven’t done anything drastic yet but when I do I will be sure to share.

-So, I have been keeping up with my streaking.  I am freaking READY for July 4th to come and have a day off.  A full, complete, 100% rest my legs, day off.  Don’t get me wrong, I love love love running, but my legs are tired.  Especially with all the ass kicking i do heavy lifting at CrossFit.  I need a rest.  BUT, until then… I’ll keep running! And big props to those of you keeping up the streaking (shout out to Bekah Boo Boo)!!!!  Almost there!!!!  KEEP RUNNING!

-Last night my friend and I met up at the local track for another Yasso workout.  Honestly…. I didn’t hate it!  We did 6 800’s.  I was conscious of my times and made sure to have negative splits for every 800 (meaning the second lap faster than the first).  I finished all under 3:20 and was super pleased that I didn’t feel like death at the end.  Had it not been for a super sore quad, I would have even pushed for 1 more 800. Who am I?!

-This morning I woke up and instantly did not want to run.  To be honest, I tried to cancel.  But, sleepyhead didn’t respond on time so I got dressed and headed to run.  I set out with plans on running  2 miles.  I got out there and it was the perfect temperature, my legs were tired but not dead and I was realllly enjoying it.  A little over 5 miles later and I was happy as can be.  Seriously, running first thing in the morning outside is the best way for me to start my day. I am happy and most likely more pleasant to be around all day.  Morning running outside is hands down my favorite thing in the whole world.

-On Friday I am going to see my boyfriend, Dave, at Hershey with momma bear and this girl.  I can’t explain how happy I am.  We all know I love concerts, especially Dave Matthews Band.

Thanks BLB for this shot 🙂

In preparation for Friday I am oh so obnoxiously walking around with headphones blaring all the DMB I can find.  Between my run this morning and this music, I am painfully happy. yes, thats a real thing…. so happy it hurts.

-I am getting worse at remembering to take pictures.  I swear I will get better, or at least try.  That’s fair!

-Oh andddd Jbone and I still working on making our new house perfect so we aren’t in yet.  soon though!  and I can’t.freakin.wait!

Hope you have a fantastical day!  Make it a great one!



2 thoughts on “Rando

  1. Ha! Thanks for the Shout Out GM. I’m doing my best. 🙂 I am determined to finish, now matter how slow I have to go. At least I’m doing it, right?

    • Just keep going! Doesn’t matter how fast or slow, just go! You have made a HUGE ASS COMMITMENT by streaking and keeping up with it. I am so freaking pumped for you!! What a huge accomplishment !!!

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