Slow and steady

Hello and GOOOOD morning!  I am still in my pajamas sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee with the company of my pups.

I am BEAT.  Yesterday was a long, hard day.  A good day, just a long one!  It started out with a 7 mile run.  My pace was 8:45 and I feel good about that.  I was running at a comfortable pace, not really pushing myself so I am glad it was still under a 9 minute pace.  Slow and steady is so nice sometimes!  My back was super sore from Friday’s CrossFit class.  Once I was done I had a tough time stretching it!

I started my run at 6:15 so by the time I was done running, walking the dogs and showering it was still early  so I had to wait for Jbone to wake up.  I didn’t mind some quiet time outside though.

The rest of the day was spent working on the house.  Painting and ripping out teeeeeny tiiiiny staples from the hardwood floor were my responsibilities.  Let me tell you, that did not help my sore back!  We took a midday break and went over to crossfit.  The WOD was a partner workout and J and I worked today.  We apparently can’t get enough of each other these days….HA.  Tire flipping and burpees were a real treat!  We then spent the rest of the day doing more house work.   When we were finally done we hung out for a little while before crashing hard!

I am keeping the streak up with an easy mile today.  Are you still streaking?



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