Hi!   I hope your Friday is going just peachy.  Jbone and I just got done doing a ton of work at the house.  I can’t wait to move it!  It will still be a little while until we are in the house but it is going to be so awesome once we are in!

I did a LOT of sweating today.  Between running, crossfit and busting my butt at the house, I am still on my mission to stay hydrated.

Water, Nuun and Amino Acid Fruit Punch

Tonight, before working on the house we celebrated a birthday.  Since I suck at this whole taking pictures thing I didn’t get any shots of the birthday girl.  oops.  I did, however, get two other awesome Instagram pics. Have I mentioned my love for instagram?

Tomorrow I have a busy day!  HOPEFULLY a long, slow run that reminds me how much I love running, house painting, CrossFit and some more house painting!  While J enjoys a few of these….

Lemonade Beer?! AMAZING!

….I am off to pass out in clean sheets!



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