ME and quitting

My celebration of summer yesterday was a success.  I mean, I stayed up till about 9 and got to swim.  To me, I won.

Along with swimming I did a lot of rehydrating.  I have been sweating like a beast lately and I know I am starting to get a little dehydrated so I am trying to up my water intake.

This afternoon I went to get my hair done with intentions of CHOPPING it.  well….

I wimped out.  Anddddd I only got about 3 inches taken off. Womp Womp.   It just takes too long for my hair to grow back!  Maybe next time?

While I was waiting for the color to be finished I noticed something….STRANGE

WTF is there an ass doing on my leg.   That’s NOT cute, that’s all I know


I just got home for the first time (other than 10 minutes to change) since 4:15 am.  And I have another 3:30 wake up call tomorrow to get a run in before work.

Now, I am feeling a little torn about the Streak I am doing.  I am starting to feel like I am not getting quality runs in.  This morning I did a little over 5.5 miles and they sucked.  Between running every day and going to CrossFit 3-4 times a week, I think my body is not liking it.   I miss the runs where I felt strong and in shape.  All week I have been having a hard time.  I know I committed to the Runners World Running Streak, but I am starting to feel like maybe I should give myself a day or two off?  I know it is only at least a mile a day, and really…what’s a mile.  But I just think my legs need a break and now that I am starting to train for my fall marathon, I am going to have really long runs coming up.  I’m torn… Any suggestions?

Don’t forget… the giveaway ends tomorrow!  Thanks to all the other bloggers that helped pimp out my free swag!



3 thoughts on “ME and quitting

    • Aren’t you tired of crappy runs though?

      We are sooo close but still sooo far!
      Thanks for the motivation, and I think you are right, I will stick it out, ALMOST THERE! 🙂

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