Family 5K

Yes, I am alive and well.  I am sorry I have been MIA.  You can blame Comcast.  I am about to throat punch them myself, I have been having internet issues and haven’t been able to post.  Blame them, not me.

Anywhoo… Busy weekend for GMR.  We have a TON of stuff going on in the new house… From room colors to floor types, my head is spinning. It is all great stuff though, I swear!

After a busy day Saturday, Jbone and I met up with his brother and a few friends at a local bar for dinner and drinks. J and I, so awesomely, rocked our nasty athletic shorts and T’s to the bar.  We are just too cool like that.

ShockTop Shandy? Don’t mind if I do

Father’s day was a good day for me and my family.  We all met to do one of my FAVORITE things….RUNNING!   We ran a local 5K that was for a fallen trooper. We had such a good time and for such a good cause.

My mom even rocked a No Limits Personal Training shirt…. For my family, I think this run was also a little bit of a dedication to our great friend who passed away recently.

And, guess who I got to lace up some running shoes?!

Like I said, Fathers day was a great day!

I will be back a little later for a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya!

Make it a great day



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