Chobani For You

I am the pickiest eater I know.  That sometimes can be an issue since I don’t eat meat.  My options are limited to what I can and can not eat, so I often get tired and bored of eating the same things over and over.

Well, the one thing that I just can NOT live without is yogurt.  Honestly, think I would be vegan if it wasn’t for yogurt and coffee creamer.  Those are two things I NEED to have.

If you have been following the blog for a while or even follow me on twitter you know I love me some Chobani.  I eat at least one every day, if not 2. Greek yogurt was something I started eating because of the amount of protein in greek vs regular yogurt.  I have tried a bunch of different brands but Cho is my all time fave!

Guess what I got on Friday from the nicest company ever?


They sent me a case of my favorite flavors and some flavors I wanted to try out.  Guess what else?!  I want to spread some ChoLove to you too!

The generous people of Chobani are letting me choose one lucky person to win an assorted case of their yogurt.  choose the apple cinnamon, you can’t go wrong with that one!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling me something you eat almost every day and can’t live without!

An extra entry for following me on twitter @gemruns, and one more sucker for tweeting about it! (leave seperate comments for following and tweeting)

I will pick a winner Friday through  Good luck 🙂



75 thoughts on “Chobani For You

  1. So awesome of chobani! I always have dark cherry ad strawberry banana in my fridge. And the girls love the Very Berry Champions!!
    I usually eat one of these a day with some granola added or even crushed multigrain Cheerios! Love them!

  2. The one thing I have to have to have almost every single day….hmm…does coffee count? I will have to say that mode seems to be peanut butter.

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  4. I’m totally a Greek yogurt fiend too! Chobani with flax and chia seeds for breakfast every day. Love me some pineapple 🙂

  5. My husband and I thought we were the only ones! Our fridge is constantly stocked with over a dozen passion fruit Chobanis. We enjoy many of the other flavors, too, but we NEVER get sick of the passion fruit and each eat 1 or 2 per day.

    Feeling somewhat conflicted about not having a twitter account right now, but I just can’t succumb to even more social media time sucking:)

  6. one diet mountain dew a day. It is my guilty pleasure! ah! I would love to win this chobani because I’m knew to greek yogurt and don’t know really what to buy. I have bought one 4 back of okios last week. I was a regular yogurt eater all my life and am trying to make the switch to greek!

  7. I cannot live without Diet Coke. (I know this is not healthy) I do love the greek yogurt. Now i am jealous and must win because they do not sell the passion fruit or the chocolate one at stores here.

  8. Cannot live without oatmeal! I eat it every morning for breakfast and never seem to get tired of it! Love me some Cho! I have never seen the Orange Vanilla flavor and I’m dying to try it.

  9. I eat a wheat bread product every day, whether that’s toast or a bagel. I just can’t get away from carbs! And in the summer I have strawberries as much as humanly possible.

  10. Since I’ve discovered Cho, I’ve been eating it everyday. The amount of protein and it’s deliciousness won me over. SO good!

  11. Fruit! I eat an apple every night and snack my way through grapes, oranges, and melon during the day. I think I’d cry (or turn to cookies and candies) if I couldn’t eat so much of it!

  12. This is going to sound canned, but…I eat greek yogurt almost every day! I cannot get enough of it. It’s my go to midmorning snack during the workweek (usually a preworkout snack) and it’s a great post workout treat on the weekends too. Seriously can’t get enough it. And I’m trying to convert my friends too.

  13. OMG, I have learned to love (and always have on hand!) the great goodness that Chobani is 🙂 I like to mix up my breakfast options, but this Chobani is definitely in my top 3! Recently, I can’t go a day without having a handful of almonds.

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  15. I cannot go without spinach! There’s a big box in the fridge all the time-it goes on wraps, in drinks, on pizza-everything! Good thing it’s healthy 🙂

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  17. i feel like such a copy cat. but i seriously do have chobani every day. i went to a nutritionist for the first time a few weeks ago and look at eating in a whole new way. and chobani is 1. delicious and 2. crazy good for balanced eating

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