Awesome New Things

In over my head?

maybe No

Exciting new challenges and adventures?


I am in the middle of a million things.  ok, not a million, but it feels like it

planning a 5K – popping my “Race Director” cherry

getting ISSA certified

getting CrossFit certified

Staying in shape for my ALMOST HERE marathon training


busting my balls at CrossFit


We. Are. Going. To. Be…


oh man, he bought a house, i am pee-my-pants excited

I normally turn into a pumpkin at 8:30, these days, its been more like 9:30

i know what you are thinking- total bad ass

3:30am comes too soon when I am staying up past my bedtime

But it is so worth it

a run, with friends

as the sun rises. finished by 6am

like i said, worth it

I am busy

But I am happy

Like I said, I am making it a point to make the most of every day

every. single. day

I want people to know, I lived my life the best way I could..just like he did

Tell me, Are you making it worth it?

Make it a great day


**go say hi to her, do it and win cool shit. DO IT


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