Cho and a Holiday

Yesterday started out PERFECTLY.  I did 5 miles outside with two friends.  I suck and have no pictures but trust me, it was PERFECT.   The weather was cool, the sun was just coming up and the company was great.  I wish every morning could start like that just an hour later.

The one BAD thing about yesterday?

3:38 comes WAY too early. I mean, I don’t get out of bed until the last alarm, then I am rushing like a crazy person but it is worth it for 8 minutes more of glorious sleep.

Lately I have been getting REALLY bored with the food I eat.  Since I am a vegetarian lazy when it comes to cooking, I always eat the same things…. yogurt, cottage cheese, Luna bars.  It gets old after a while.  When I went food shopping this week I got a little creative.

For lunch I used a laughing cow cheese (for protein) and spread it on a whole wheat sandwich thin.  Add bell peppers, cucumbers and brocco sprouts…purrre deliciousness.  Of course I had an apple chobani on the side for something sweet 🙂

What is even MORE shocking is I baked yesterday too!  I am clearly in love with chobani. I made Blueberry CHOnana bread!

I suck agaiiin and have no pictures of the final product but you can imagine it looked something like this

holy deliciousness!


Today is like a real holiday for me…


Now you have TWO reasons to get your run on today…. runners world run streak AND national running day.  get your butt out there and go celebrate!!

I am planning a few miles through my neighborhood then a cross fit workout!

How are you celebrating?!


ps- go say hi to one of my new-to-blogging-buddies 🙂 super cute blog to add to your list!



One thought on “Cho and a Holiday

  1. Great post! I especially like the part with the alarms! I do the same thing, I have two on my phone and then one on the clock and still some days I manage to snooze or turn them all off and go back to sleep.

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