Filthy and Photoshoots

Can’t weekend ALWAYS be warm and sunny and last more than 2 days?   I mean, I still like weekends but I love them when they are tan worthy 😉

Friday Jbone and I had a fun night.  First we did CF together, the filthy fifty.  IT. WAS. AWESOME. I had heard of the “Filthy Fifty” before but never actually did it.  There were close to 20 of us at the gym and it was so much fun.  Hard as helll, but so much fun.

After we got our sweat on we had to go to a family graduation party.  We got there too early and had to wait in the car for a bit…clearly the only smart thing to do would be have a photo shoot. duh.

The rest of the weekend consisted of lunch and some shopping with mom, party hopping from cross fit gatherings to lake parties and of course… STREAKING!

I am sooooore everywhere.  But I have been good about stretching and icing achy knees so my streak is still going!  Today I did a mile and called it quits.  Are YOU still streaking?!  The cool weather yesterday and today is perfect for running!  I hope you took advantage of it!  Off to hang with family for the rest of the day 🙂

listen to this new song.  I’m in love.  Mercy



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