Will run for pizza

You know what I would be so good at?  Working from home.  Mmmhm.  I mean, I totally mean “sitting in the sun working on fun things” but I would consider it working from home.  Anyone want to pay me to do that?  No? weird.

I got home from my big girl job and sat outside with the pups to work on some things for my dream job

I bet it’s just like working from home clearly i jest

sun, coffee, work, perfect

So tell me…. How is your running streak going?!  GREAT  I bet 😉

Mine too! Today I accomplished 7 miles and I didn’t realize it.  It was my first longer run in a while but I broke it up. I ran 3.5 miles TO crossfit and 3.5 miles home.  I knew todays WOD wasn’t a killer  (jbone went before me) so I figured I would challenge myself.  Dude… I am tiiiiired now!

The weather was PERFECT for a run.  It is uphill to the gym and downhill home so it was great.  I am super dehydrated though especially since yesterdays workout made me sweat like neeeever before.   I got home and immediately downed a few glasses of water while taking awesome pictures of myself.  youre welcome.

Since I ate so good all day and worked out really hard….. I figured I would spoil it by treating myself to a deeelicious dinner with Jbone

and NO i didn’t eat the whole pizza only half

Better order a DIET soda.  such an oxymoron

you jealous?

J had to work late tonight so after dinner he scooted back to his office and I am home hanging with my favorite doggies. Tomorrow is friday and that means weekend and that means more I LOVE SUMMER posts coming!

oh, and if you follow me as I twat some things, you already know I have a surrrrrprise for you 🙂  you might want to tell your friends to start stalking gmruns too #shamelessplugrightthere

What is your favorite “not so good for you” treat after a tough workout?



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