Runs, Concerts and Streaking

Doesn’t it feel so good knowing it is only a 4 day week?  You’re brain thinks monday but… NOPE.  allllready tuesday 🙂

I had a fab rest of my weekend.  What about you?

Now, I know I said I can’t workout blahblahblah…yea yea yea… Well this happened….

I had the chance to run a 5K with my SIL so I took it.  We went at a comfortable pace and I didn’t strain myself too much.  AND I felt great afterwards!  I am glad that I was able to get out there and move my legs, but more importantly felt totally fine afterwards!  It didn’t hurt that I go to run with my bff andddd I think we have a new runner in the family!

After an impromptu 5K it was time to go home and get ready to see my boyfriend in concert.  Some of you might know him, his name is Dave Matthews 😛

I met up with a few friends to tailgate first then it was time to go watch the show

It was such a good time.  There was good friends, good beers and I even had a soft pretzel! I love concerts.

I am seriously in love with summer this year.  I don’t know what my deal is but this weekend alone was awesome and is making me so excited for the rest of the summer!

What is another thing I am contemplating doing that will help make me love summer even MORE?  THIS.   And I am trying to convince her to do it to.

Any takers on participating with me!?

I hope you had an equally awesome weekend.



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