Sorry about my TMI session the other day…. Clearly I was having a rough day and needed to vent.  I’m still not over the whole not working out thing.  I have been going for long walks with the pups….and I again feel invincible.  I am hoping the doctor is really wrong and I will actually be ok to run a few easy miles tomorrow.

I decided to stop being a Debbie downer about my bad day and I have been loving my memorial day weekend….. First unofficial weekend of summer has been one of the best, and it’s only Saturday!

First I went to a carnival…and a beer tent.

Carnival > Beer tent

Are you wondering why?  3 words

Deep. Fried. Oreos.

Then I had a relaxing morning with 3 of my favorite creatures

That was followed by watching love blossom at a young age 😉

M + R

Finally I went to the biggest weekend in this area…. St. Ubaldo.

this is no joke

It is SO intense.  This was my second year going and the first time I really appreciated it.  I don’t really know the true history of it, but it is basically a reason for the town to hang out on the streets and enjoy themselves all the while watching grown men dressed in these *awesome* outfits racing down the streets with hundred pound statues.  It is seriously AWESOME.  People are so hardcore and it is just….awesome.  I loved it and am already planning my Ubaldo bash for next year 😉

After the parade I hung with Jbone and his family a bit and we took advantage of the warm weather.   If the past 2 days are a glimpse into what the rest of summer will be like… I can’t wait.



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