Comeback Plan

My poor Lola pup is getting no love……

yes sHm, they are for real divas

But don’t worry, the patient is doing well 😛

This morning I got to the gym nice and early, clearly I was thrilled…

The past 2 days I ran on the treadmill and read a magazine at the same time….it made the time and miles fly by.  Today I did an easy 4 miles.  I was feeling pretty tired before I ran but once I got moving I felt better.  Dunkin’ also helped the cause.

After I ran I treated myself to a bagel.  Yes, an entire bagel with wayyyy too much delicious cream cheese.  MMmm.

breakfast of champions

I keep saying that I am burnt out or overtraining or something of the sort.  And for some people, they may not believe that.  But the truth is, I am.

I am having a hard time listening to my body and accepting that I need a break.  Since January I have been busting my butt.  I ran my heart out and was on a consistent run/lifting schedule.  I definitely saw results from my hard work, which is awesome, but I went too hard for too long.

In this months Oxygen Magazine there was a long article about overtraining.

There were some things in the article that REALLY surprised me.

Overtraining can affect you not only physically but also psychologically.  Some signs of  overtraining are:

-Irritable, moody or cranky

-short temper

-anxiety or depression

-sleep patterns change, such as having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep

-increased fatigue

-Chronic soreness

I am experiencing a bunch of these.  The sleeplessness, depression and increased fatigue are the signs that really got me to realize I needed to take a step back and chill out for a bit.

I talked to a running coach… a real life PROFESSIONAL running coach.   He told me to keep running as often as I have been but just cut the mileage down.  He also said I can keep up with my beloved cross fit (i am trying to keep it to 3 days a week) which made me tinkle with excitement #tmi

SO… that is what I am doing.  Running a bunch during the week just shorter runs and kicking butt in cross fit.  Lets hope this plan works out.  I have a marathon to start training for soon!



4 thoughts on “Comeback Plan

      • Well, in a word, No. When you sleep, who is in control of your body? Not you. So what makes you think you are in control when you are awake? You simply take it places and do things to it, your body recovers on its own. If it’s telling you to sit down, listen.

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