Clearly I have been taking it easy lately.  I mean, other than indulging probably a little too much in my newest love, Cross Fit, I have been keeping a pretty low profile.   Yesterday I did a longerish run of 5 miles and was hoping for the same today.

I read a magazine while running today and when I flipped the last page over I also hit “STOP” on the treadmill.  I took it as a sign that I should only do 3 miles today.  Like I said….nice and easy.  Afterwards I spent some time stretching out.  My upper body is pretty sore from yesterdays CF workout.  Did I mention I love cross fit?  Seriously, it’s so much fun….

ok, where was I…..

3 Miles and stretching this morning.  I was considering going to cross fit tonight.  I knew I should take the afternoon off but I heard todays workout was awesome so I figured what the heck…….. If you follow me on twitter you know what happened instead of working out

I spent quality time with miss Lola….as the vet. WOMP WOMP.  The diva had a broken nail.  It sounds stupid but for real.  My poor pup was crying out in pain and ended up needing a bandage and some antibiotics.

tell me she isn’t the freaking cutest

I guess it wasn’t meant to be, me working out tonight.  Instead I hung at the vet and now I am on the back porch enjoying the warm weather.

I did notice while I was at the vet that I am somewhat of a hoe.  For sure.  A gym whore to be exact.

I have keytag things for SIX gyms.  6.  Seriously.  #weirdo

Jface had to work late tonight and roomie has other plans…just me and the pups tonight.  I’m already bored with my loser self.  Someone come play with me.



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