7 years in the making

we hated each other, than loved each other

we shopped, we ate, we laughed and cried

All of the “remember the time’s” or “I am can’t believe they did that”s

All of the arranging and fighting and planning and stressing

All 7 dresses to get one 2 days before the wedding

The buying and returning

The speech writing and stressing some more

It is finally here…. Wedding Eve

I am considering myself the true winner in this one

my brother


my best friend

 The next 48 hours will be epic
I mean how can it not be when you get to hang with her
Go wish HER congrats
Remind her to not stress
It will all get done
And don’t forget to enjoy it
You hopefully only get married once
and with how amazing this weekend will be….
once will be enough

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