It’s been another few days like this…  That’s unfortunate for coworkers, friends and family because I am all ” I love running, Running is great… Butterflies and unicorns and laa la la laa RUNNINGGGG”

swear.  If I wasn’t me I would hit me.  So thanks to those of you who aren’t punching me in my face.

19th.  I came in 19th in my age group.  And there was close to 300 people in my age group.  not just 20.  I am stoked.  And I have a huge #Runboner (thanks to OUAL for that awesome term)

Yesterday was a total rest day.  Sore calves and quads.  Compression socks are my new bff, sorry slull.  Instead of working out yesterday I enjoyed the last day of $0.99 coffee

And I took care of some arts and crafts that I have been putting off.

call me susie homemaker

This morning I did an EASY 4 miles on the treadmill.

cross-eyed at 5am

I am still…


Rockin’ hot pink compression socks

borderline cramping aka guzzling nuun

coffee mug reuse #winner

and on a runners high

I also started twatting  tweeting


get it gurrrl



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