Bad dogs and veggies

I was a super big baby about not being able to go to cross fit tonight.  I have only gone once (last friday) but I really want to get into a routine of going a few nights a week.  Jbone went tonight and totally rubbed it in my face but I decided to be smart for once and rest my legs a little more.  I did an easy 4 this morning but still felt achy and tight all day.

Since I was busy having a pity party for myself, I decided I could at least entertain the pups.  We went to the dog park since it was right next to the bike shop where I needed to drop my bike for a tune up.

**Please tell me that horrible thing on my nose that i accidentally did to myself will be gone by Saturday.  My BFF and baby brother are getting married and I would hate to get kicked out of all the wedding pics for looking like Rudolph with a scab.  #NotCute.**

Ok.. where were we…. DOG PARK, right.


seriously.  he is the worst and wanted to EAT the cute puppy there.  I was the most embarrassed ever. “Ohh wow, those are interesting noises he is making.  That’s just him playing. he he.” I don’t think the other lady there was buying it.  So I took my bad dogs out of the dog park and went to play with my other boyfriend, M’ster.

Taken a few weeks ago

I was being tempted into TCBY tonight but I held strong.  That’s a true shocker.  I have been eating like an animal lately. Today I had on my pants that only fit me when I am on the thinner side… those bitches were tight.   So instead of TCBY I settled for a skinny cow.

I am trying to eat more clean. For a while I was definitely not eating enough veggies either so I try every day to add more to what I eat.  Before I chowed down on a skinny cow ice cream sandwich I had 2 mashed hardboiled eggs and a ton of roasted veggies. #fartcity

I am hoping to keep eating healthy without depriving myself.  Lets see how that works 😛

Hope you had a marvelous Tuesday… Hump day tomorrow 😉


ps- I am obsessed with #hashtags on twitter. @gemruns.  do it


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