STOP: Before you do anything, go HERE and tell her how awesome she is. She KILLED her marathon PR this weekend. I am totally star struck by her TWENTY MINUTE PR. seriously. so awesome

Now… Happy monday 🙂

I have to admit, I am feeling pretty sore today.  Totally worth the official time of 1:42:03 though.

Yesterday I ran St. Luke’s Half Marathon in Allentown. This was a new race for me and I would definitely do it again.  Nothing about it was flat but the course had just as much downhill as it did uphill.  A few miles were even on gravel which was something I never experienced in a race.  The weather was perfect, although I dressed a little too warm, and I had a great time.  I ended up running with Jbones neighbor for most of the race and we pushed each other a LOT.  We both were shooting for 1:44:59….anything under 1:45.  We hauled ass.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t mad about NOT sprinting it in at the end.  The last part of the race yesterday was 3/4 a lap around a track.  dude.   that’s a small form of torture I think.   I tried my hardest but I physically could NOT move faster than I already was.  I am still pumped about my time, but 1:41 would be nice too 😛

After I got home and washed my stench off I ate all of the food.  Pizza, birthday cake, strawberries and chocolate chip bars.  All. of. the. food.

Also for the first time this weekend I added Nuun into my diet.  (pronounced noon.  i had to google that one)

Nuun is ” electrolyte enhanced drink tablets” that you dissolve in 16 ounces of water.  Its better than just plain old water or even Gatorade.  No calories but all the benefits of an electrolyte enhanced drink.

Friday night I was cramping up a lot so I made sure to drink a few of these during the day Saturday and Sunday.

Other than adding nuun to my diet, I did take a GU at mile 8 during the race.  I hate gu.  I would rather shot blocks.  But I seriously think that it helped me.

What did I learn from this race?

I need to learn how to eat and drink before and during a race.  I am going to work on nutrition for the next few races.  And… I said I was tapped out…but I think I lied…..

Who can recommend a cool 1/2 to add to my schedule?



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