And then… this other time…

I keep reliving this weekend.  In my head, in emails, telling stories.  I basically feel bad for EVERYONE today because the amazing weekend I had is all I will be talking about.


I guess I should call myself out on not posting nearly enough last week!  I  literally didn’t have 5 minutes to write a post.  I was so busy planning and prepping and stressing that I even had to call in busy sick Friday.  Luckily I have rad coworkers and friends so they took care of things for me.  Thanks for that 🙂

I am working a bit of overtime this week so I had to get my run in early today.  I’m still pretty exhausted from the exiting weekend so of course I didn’t wake up on time.  I was hoping to get at least 5 miles in this morning but I only had time for4.  Even better news….. the hair dryer at the gym was broken.

happy about that

As for the rest of today, it’s gray out.  I’m tired.  I want sleeeeep!  I am hoping to find motivation somewhere to get to Body Pump tonight but a nap still sounds so much better. 

I am off to continue harassing my coworkers about my awesome weekend and obnoxiously laughing out loud to stories like  “and then I found her wedged between the wall and my bed” that no one else will get.

see you later gaters 🙂



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