Dirty Fiesta

WARNING: This post will include too much of everything… peens, fun, drinks and laughs.  Proceed with caution

Make “Thank you” Bags with all the neccessities

Gatorade. Advil. DD gift card. Peener straws. Maracas. Sombrero

10 Awesome Girls

One amazing Bride-To-Be

Drinks. Just remember its a marathon not a sprint

wieners. Sorry Ma.

Naked men.  Lots of naked men

And a girl promise that all "TOO SCANDALOUS" pictures will be for our eyes only

Limo Hijacking

Seriously. It happened. We got to hang limo-style

Best friend lovin’

Booty Shakin’

or white girl dancin'. whatever you want to call it

And memories that will for real last a lifetime

now…. if you need me I will be sleeping until tomorrow Tuesday



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