I need a vacation.  I need a day even. Just a day to sleep in and rest.  I am so busy and stressed lately.  At least I am having fun with it!

Thanks to Brightroom for capturing all of my…uhh… finest(?) moments from Sunday on camera!  Here are a few of my faves.

why do my arms look like slabs of beef. where is the muscle?

beef arms again

I like that last picture.  I don’t look the best but I think its funny. I just wish the clock was in it!   Thanks again for all the support and encouragement for the race….especially her.

Even after I biked and ran yesterday I decided to go to Body Pump to lift.  I have to get there crazy early to make sure I get a spot and during the time I am waiting for the class to start, I normally run a few more miles.  Not yesterday! After I set up for class I sat on my butt and read a magazine!  I didn’t hate it!

I’m glad I went to class yesterday.  It was a new release and I really felt good lifting!  I am hoping to go at least 2 times a week so my arms start looking less like slabs of beef, as seen in the above photos.  You know  I rocked my new “MORE Half Marathon” shirt to class!

I am planning on a rest day today…orrrr some ellipticalling depending on how my day goes and I am getting my hair did tonight!  See you after that!



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