Good, Bad, Ugly

Good:  The bachelorette party that I am planning is this weekend and I can’t wait!

Bad: I am running around finishing some last-minute things and I feel like I am being pulled in 20 directions

Ugly: I almost ended up with an outfit that I would have felt so uncomfortable in.

Don't ALL got returned

Good: I am becoming more conscious of how bad tanning beds are for you so I have been using self tanner.

Bad: I may or may not look a little orange.

30 minute early morning bike ride

Ugly:  The orange comes off on white towels which is super cute.

Good: Crest white strips work

Bad: They effing hurt my teeth dangit

Ugly: If I stop using them I won’t get the whole “glow in the dark” teeth look that I am going for.

Good: After a 30 minute bike ride this morning, I squeezed in 4 quick miles on my lunch

Bad: I forgot clean draws for after

Ugly: I went commando and relied on the underwear liner thing in my running shorts.  Lucky for the other gym goers it worked out well and no one knew I was free ballin’ it. 

Good: I have been feeling great since the race Sunday

Bad: I haven’t been to Body pump in almost 2 weeks because of tapering for the race and then Monday I wanted an extra day of rest

Ugly: I am crashing HARD right now and am really giving some serious consideration to skipping tonight too but the thought of never having muscle tone again keeps sticking out in the back of my head.

Guess I am going to rely on this in the meantime!

Iced coffee and protein pretzels!

What’s your “good, bad and ugly“?

Oh, and I am Fickle Fran.. Tell me.. Do I go to Body Pump tonight!?



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