I bet you were just like “I am really, sooo curious how gm feels today.”  I’m sure you are super concerned 😛

I have to say, after yesterday I thought I was going to be dying today.  Other than a little bit of tenderness in my Achilles tendons, I am feeling great.  I am also still on cloud 9!  I wish i was still wearing my medal am that annoying girl at work that is all like  ” my weekend was awesomer than yours because I had a 7 minute PR.”  Good thing I’m me, or else I would hate me.

I have to say thanks again to my family for all the encouragement and being the biggest and best fans everrrr.


We also got a lot compliments on our pants.  Under Armour.  They know whats up.  I just searched the deepest depths of the internet and can’t find a link to them, but I swear Under Armour made them!

Since I was feeling so good today I decided to do an upper body weight workout.  Today I did this workout.  I also completed 2 miles on the elliptical (a little less than 20 minutes) since I didn’t have much more time.  It is supposed to be GORGEOUS here this afternoon so I am hoping to squeeze in a dog walk too.

While I was elliptisizing….clearly that’s elliptical exercising…I think I made it up.. I don’t really know because I’m so smart, I read in the latest issue of Fitness Magazine an article about being optimistic.

It basically says that you need to work on being optimistic just like you would work on training harder.

I think this article says so much.  For me, when I am training for a race I do a lot of visualizing.  Almost every important race I have run, at one point or another I would picture myself crossing the finish line.  Every time, I would mentally be able to see the time on the clock and see myself feeling strong and excited at the finish.

This was especially helpful for me when I was training for my marathons.  I was able to run a lot of training runs on the course so I was familiar with the parts that were hardest for me.  I would practice visualizing myself and those difficult parts, and I would play out in my head how I would handle it and I would be able to actually see myself completing whatever obstacle it was.

I feel like I am talking crazy but give it a try.  Next time you are training or prepping for a race, a hard run or even a hard workout, visualize yourself meeting your goal or expectations.  Try and be positive about what the outcome will be.  I swear, it works!

I hope you are having a good Monday.  And remember, it’s not just any Monday, it’s MARATHON MONDAY!  So awesome job to all the marathoners that are kicking butt in todays race!!



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