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I guess it’s safe to say that training works!  I don’t know when I officially started training, but I do know that the past few weeks months I have been busting my butt running.   I have been dedicated to at least 1 long run, 1 speed workout and getting miles in.  Even when I didn’t want to, I did.  And I am so glad I did.

My half marathon PR is a 1:52 done at the MORE Half marathon last year….the same race as today.  I went into today feeling like I peaked at the wrong time.  If you asked me a month ago what I wanted to finish in, I would have said 1:48 would be great.  Today, I felt like I would be happy with a 1:50.

I had a healthy breakfast of banana, 1/2 a bagel thin and peanut butter.

I got to the start with only 10 minutes to spare.  One last potty break then it was showtime!

I started out slower.  I tried to race smart and not try to kill the first few miles.  I had to hold back some for about the first 6 miles.  I think it was around mile 7 that I started picking it up and really feeling good.  The first few miles were dragging.  It felt like time was moving in slow motion and I was starting to actually get annoyed!  Mile 7 came and the time flew.  Before I knew it was opening my stride and running past the “Mile 12” sign.

The course was, I think, awesome.  It was 2 laps in Central Park in NYC. After the first lap I was actually confused a little.  I thought that last year there were 2 hills.  Today, I only noticed one actual hill and one other spot that was more of a gradual incline rather than a hill.  The weather was a great 60 and partly sunny.  I couldn’t have wished for anything different.

Apparently my watch time and chip time were dead on… 1:45. ONE HOUR AND FOURTY FIVE FREAKIN MINUTES.  I can’t even tell you how beyond stoked I am.  I ran hard…but not too hard.  I’m not dead tired.  I don’t feel like I got hit by a train.  I feel good!  and I feel like I just PR’ed by SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES.

I had the most AWESOME cheerleaders for me today.  My mom, Slull, my niece and my dad were supppppper supportive.  Jbone couldn’t be there since he is away for work.  But the text messages, emails, comments… ALL of it from friends and people I didn’t even know.  I feel so loved, so special and beyond grateful!  Thanks for allll of the support and encouragement.  The rest of the night will be dedicated to doggy loving and compression sock wearing!

This just goes to show you… hard work pays off.  Set the bar high.  Work for it.  It will totally be worth it!

Now…. Maybe looking for a 1:38 in the future?  Who knows… maybe this bad boy?!



7 thoughts on “7 minutes

  1. So PROUD of you GM! You are a champ! I am totally rooting for you to be in the Boston run next year! DO IT! I totally cheer for you there!

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