I’m sorry.. I said IM SORRY!!

I either don’t post when I feel like I have nothing special to say OR when I am too busy. This time, SO stinkin’ busy.  Here is whats been going on….

Successfuly Delishy

Peanut butter.  Apparently that’s the trick to making a smoothie good!  Peanut butter, Spinach, Ice, Chocolate whey protein and a splash of almond milk.   Mmmm..

Climbing Mount Everst…. Or just to the top of the wall.  And having way too much fun doing it 😉

Date night two nights in a row.  And only 1/2 a Summer ale for me.

I may or may not be freaking out about not being hydrated enough

One final “Holy-Shit-I’m-Not-Ready-For-This-Race” Run.

If I said I felt ready for tomorrows race, I would be lying.  Isn’t that part of tapering though?

Freaking out

Mother Eff.

Wish me luck.

See ya after NYC

and hopefully……….

1:50 or better!



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