Candy is the devil

I know you are probably DYING to find out what I decided about tapering.  Well, I talked to a few people and I think my best bet is to skip Body Pump this week.  My gym has the newest release starting this week and I have no self control so I wouldn’t be able to not  go all out.

Instead I am going to mix it up and lift, but no legs.  I plan on lifting two days this week.  Day 1- chest, triceps and shoulders.  Day 2- Back and biceps.  I plan on super setting these workouts so that it won’t take as long.  I am not looking to get sore, just work my muscles a little.
I am still going to run a bit this week but no speed or super tough runs.  With that said, yesterday I did a comfortable 5 miler.  After work I went for a hike with the pups just so I had some sort of afternoon calorie burn!


The past few days I have eaten like an asshole a slob.  I eat everything and anything.  Even when I am already full, I keep eating. Fatty fat fat. Yesterday I tried to make an effort to fuel my body with nutritious food rather than the normal pound of jelly beans.

For the most part I ate pretty clean.  The rest of the Easter candy I got is going to be a big temptation.  I brought some into work so hopefully that helps.  I finished my day of eating with a BANGIN’ egg sandwich I made.

spinach. cheddar. egg whites. ketchup. yum

I hope to keep eating clean today too!

I didn’t take any other pictures yesterday, sorry for the word heavy post.  I will leave you with this picture from Easter that my mom just sent me yesterday. It’s my favorite. 

See ya after my afternoon run/lift 🙂



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