Farts and Ladders

Dear Friday, I love you ~GMR 😛

I don’t know about you but I am the happiest that the weekend is here.  AND the Easter bunny comes this weekend.  I hope he hooks a sister up 😉

But first….Ladders.    Yesterday I knew I wanted to do speed work but I wasn’t sure what exactly.  I texted my mom for some help because I just was not in the mood to think.

My typical go-to speed workouts are either hills, 800’s or mile repeats.  Ladders seemed like the perfect mix and I was happy to do something different.

This workout made me bust my buns.  Earlier in the day I did a 25 minute strength/cardio circuit including things like squat jump, jump rope and a bazillion push ups.  I was pretty weak during that so I didn’t have high hopes for the ladder.  I did it on the treadmill so I could control my speed better.

In case you don’t know, 1 mile = 1600m.  After every sprint I walked 1/2 mile.  When all was said and done I finished 4.5 miles.  My mile sprint was completed in 6:40.  It was so hard, I am pretty sure my neighbors across the street could hear me huffin and puffin.  I was for sure happy with that work out!!! Wanna know my motivation?

someone had a doooonut 😉  Here was my thinking… I didn’t feel like running hard but I knew if I ate a donut I would want to run it off.  See… Donuts = Hard runs.  I’m a genius.

After I was done I headed to hang with Jbone’s sister.  What is Easter without eggs?!

We got our coloring on.  The only downfall to coloring 3 dozen eggs?  The house smells like a big fart.  We couldn’t tell if it was the baybo (M), Lola phantom pooping, Jbone farting or the eggs.   I would say it was a success though!  Thanks K for having me over and supplying the eggs and dying stuff!

After work today I plan on getting a good amount of sleep and hydrating…. There is a big Easter Egg hunt at my parents before brunch on Sunday…. that ish is no joke.  Ryann Lynn better get her sneakers ready!



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