Good to bad

Some days….Some days start out feeling good and healthy and happy and in the mood to eat good.

Then…. I get tired.  And the dark circles under my eyes get bigger.  And darker.  And this happens.

Yesterday was that kind of day. I started out good….didn’t finish too good.  These don’t help.

breakfast, lunch, dinner. Well balanced meal

I got home from work and was beat.  I wasn’t happy about it since I took Tuesday as a rest day.  I didn’t get home in time to get to body pump so I went for a run.  I headed out the door thinking I was either doing 3 miles or a longer run.  I couldn’t decide beforehand but once I got running…longer was better.  It was a little windier than I like but the sun was up and I was just in the mood to run.

The quality of my photos are just….amazing. I know.

I ended up running the trails by my house and I really enjoyed it.  Time flew by too.  I felt like I was only out there for 20 minutes!

I was happy with that run.  I didn’t feel incredibly strong but it just felt good to be running.  One of those days.

Since I OD’ed on crap food yesterday I made myself a smoothie for dinner. And it didn’t taste like ass like last time.    In the mix was:

1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

handful of spinach

a crap ton of frozen raspberries

a few splashes of almond milk

It wasn’t amazing but I was able to drink it with out wanting to vomit 🙂

I am hoping for some speed work and circuit strength training today!

Do you have any good smoothie recipes you use?  Help a sister out 😉



One thought on “Good to bad

  1. 1 banana, 5 strawberries, vanilla greek yogurt, handful of spinach and a cup of ice, delicious! you can add protein powder to it as well, 1 scoop and its still yummy!

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