Guilt Free

Yesterday felt nothing like last week, thank the lawdy!

I did, what was supposed to be a shakeout run during my lunch….quick 4 mile run that got faster as the miles went by…I just felt that good 🙂

Then I went to the gym for Body pump.  Since I have to get there way to stinkin’ early to get a spot I had time for a fast 2 miles.  I was huffin and puffin but happy to get in the extra mileage! At body pump I upped my weight in a few things and stayed the same in others.  I had a few people comment on how much weight I can lift…especially for squats.   I love that….it makes me feel like busting my ass at the gym is worth it.

I got home and needed eggs. I am trying to include more veggies in my diet.  Cut up spinach and red peppers topped with cheese and way too much ketchup. Perfect.

Today I had a nice nail and dinner date with momma bear.   I love that we have been sticking to our weekly get togethers. ❤

Right now the sun is shining and it’s really nice out.  Know what I am doing?   Sitting on the couch.  Yup.  Inside.  TV on.  Computer on my lap.  And I refuse to feel guilty about it!  I plan on eating too many jelly beans and just hang out tonight.  My whole body is just plain old tired so I am listening to it and resting for tonight.  The pups don’t mind cuddling either.

Tomorrow I am hoping to feel rested and ready to go!  Hope you all had as good of a night as me!



One thought on “Guilt Free

  1. You make me tired just reading your blog and all your exercise. Good for you!!!! You are an inspiration and I might just exercise twice a day instead of once. Thanks for the motivation. You are special! Looking forward to seeing you in May. I am very jealous of your time with MY DAUGHTER! Wish I could spend more quality time with you and Gail.
    Love and Hugs, Geeg

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