Compression Gear

I am a big fan of compression gear lately.  I used to think that less is more.  When I first started running I never used  any compression gear of any kind.  Then my mileage started increasing, I was getting sore after long runs….it was just bad.  I went to my local running store and someone who I get a lot of running advice from swore by it, so I figured I should give it a shot.

According to CW-X’s website, this is the basic idea behind compression technology:

I own 3 different types of compression product.

CW-X Compression Tights

These I typically only wear when I am doing 10 or more miles.  I notice that if I don’t have them on I am more likely to be super sore and achy the next day. That’s not saying I won’t get sore if I have these on and run 20 miles, it’s just that I get less  sore with them on.

Compression Calf Sleeves

 I used to run with these but since I got the compression pants I haven’t really used them for anything other than after a run.  This was the first pair of compression gear I got and I loved them.  These are what ultimately made me believe that compression made a difference.  Now I throw them on after a particularly hard speed workout or just a day I notice my calves feel a little more tight than normal.

Compression Socks 

These bad boys have been my saving grace lately.  When I do my long runs the pants are great except for my Achilles tendon always gets suppppper sore.  Sometimes painfully sore.  After all of my long runs I wear these almost all day.  99% of the time I wake up with no Achilles tenderness at all.

If you have been considering getting compression gear but are hesitant to spend the money because this stuff is way too expensive I would definitely suggest sucking it up and splurging on at least the socks.  Sometimes websites like Active’s Schwaggle will even have good discounts on compression gear.

What is your favorite compression wear?

Are you going to be trying out new compression gear anytime soon?



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