Weak Week

Monday- Recovering from death

Tuesday- Easy 3, still recovering from death

Wednesday- Starting to feel better, 6 miles and 1000 workout.  Felt weak the whole time

Thursday- 4.5 miles of speed.  Felt just ok

Friday-6 miles and a bad body pump class

Saturday rest

See?  Overall, this week wasn’t my best in the workout department. I felt tired and weak pretty much every day.  I hate that.

I headed out today needing to feel strong.  Yes, needing.  It started out like this… not too shabby

I saw the sun coming up and thought “heck yea, gonna be a good run…sun is shining…ohh yeaaa”

lies… all lies.

I did a total of 13.09 miles in 1:50.  I even broke out my Garmin today

This first half of this run sucked.  Stink, stank, stunk.

I couldn’t get settled into the run. I looked at my watch 75 times.  I didn’t know exactly where I was going

I wimped out and turned around at 6.5.  Now, I regret that decision and wish I kept going.

The second 6.5 miles felt like a completely new run.

I felt strong, didn’t look at my watch at all and knew where to go.  All those things helped a lot.  Except for it being rainy and gray. ew.

I am going to say today’s run was another weak one.  I am hoping to fresh start tomorrow with a shakeout run and body pump.  Lets hope I feel strong and nothing like this week!

As for the rest of the day I am going to hang with the puppers for a while then it’s off to mom and dads for sunday dinner!  It has been too long since J and I have shown face there 😛

Hope your sunday is grand!



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