Best Buds

Yesterday was a fickle fest for me!  I wanted to work out, then I didn’t want to work out.  I was going to body pump then I wasn’t going.  It is exhausting being so indecisive sometimes!

Instead I opted for a spin at home.

I have to admit, it is really nice having my bike.  I got going and was really enjoying myself.  I was able to read a magazine while I rode.  I listened to pandora “pop fitness” radio and every song I would change the tempo.  It was a better workout than I anticipated.  I even had some company.

Unfortunately my workout got cut short when Jake decided to puke everywhere. Awesome.  Homeboy was not feeling well last night.  After I cleaned up his nasty mess Lola and I went to Jbones sisters house for dinner.

I think Lola found her new best friend.

Clearly I would never want to make M sad….. Probably the only nice thing to do in this situation is to give M his new best friend.  No?    I kid I kid kind of.

We had a nice evening hanging with Lola and there was even a family walk thrown in the mix.

I am sorry for the horribly awful cell phone shots.  I forgot my camera yesterday.  Woof.

Today I have speedwork planned.  I am having a hard time deciding what exactly to do because i am the ficklest ever.

My options are a longer tempo run, mile repeats at a track or 800’s at a track.  Someone please pick for me!




Have you ever just felt lucky for no particular reason?  I didn’t hit the lotto.  I didn’t find 100 bucks somewhere.  I didn’t land an awesome job or get a raise or anything especially awesome.  I just feel lucky.

Today at work I took advantage of the gym for the first time.

Seriously, it was so great.  I got 4 miles done and still had time to spare.  I am lucky to work at a place that allows me to do something like this!  After I finished running I had time for a quick lunch so I went and hid at one of my favorite spots.

I was sweating so horribly bad.  The peanut butter and jelly sandwich was ok.  The cold fruit on the other hand, tastes like heaven.

After work I met up with momma bear.  We got our nails did, had dinner and went food shopping.  Quality bonding time if you ask me.  I am lucky I am so close with her.  She is seriously the coolest mom I know.  For real.

I eventually had to head back home.  Check out how my ride was.

Gorgeous.  Maybe it was the ride that got me thinking?  I don’t know.  But I really just felt lucky.
You know what else is lucky?  My new awesome phone case coming today.

It looks so awesome on my phone.  The bomb dot com pretty much.

Now I am hanging with the pups waiting for Jbone to come over.  I’m also enjoying a Sam Adams spring brew too.  I’m the biggest fan of seasonal brews.  Try this sucker out of you get a chance.

Hope you’re having awesomely lucky weather wherever you are!


Three Things

Have you ever been so dead set on something, and then the time comes you just say “screw it”?

Me too.

This morning my alarm went off early enough for me to hop on my bike to spin for a while before getting ready for work.  I opened my eyes and wasn’t incredibly tired…I just didn’t want to.  That’s it.  That is my only excuse.  So.  I didn’t.  And you know what, I loved that extra hour of sleep!  I don’t regret it at all!

I joined the gym at work last week.  Today is my first day going. I am planning on meeting a friend there because i am too nervous and awkward and scared to go alone and hopefully run a few miles during my lunch break.  My apologies in advance to my coworkers.  You know I am doing the old “blow-dry-my-sweat” trick.  I mean, I am going to shower but I have no plans on washing my hair.  Lucky you 😛

All before 11:00 today I was loving on 3 things.  hard. Like…. weirdly loving.

Chobani yogurt.  Typically any kind of chobani but lately, Apple cinnamon.  Obsessed.

Have you ever had a Luna bar? Nutz over Chocolate is my favorite but really, I love them all.  Seriously. Go try one.  They are filling and have good ratios of proteins/carbs/fat and are deeeelish.

Lastly…. THIS.  Seriously.  This whole article is dead on.  I am a vegetarian.  I don’t eat meat.  I don’t care what you eat.   just choose not to eat meat.  Do I wear leather? Yes.  Do I eat eggs on occasion? Yes.  Does that affect you at all? Nope.  Seriously.  Go read the article.  It is so well written and just plain awesome 🙂

What are some things you are loving today?!


I’ll Take It

Monday.  Not too bad.  I’ll take it!

It started with a good 4 mile run.

Then the leopard print came into play

Apparently I was feeling a little sassy.  rawr.

Then the warm weather stayed a little longer.

And my midday walks are back during break time at work.

Then a strong dude told me he was impressed with how much weight I can squat.

I informed him it was after 3 days of running and 6 miles today alone.

oh yea, I had time to sneak in 2 fast miles before body pump.

Then I got to see my dude.

Like I said

For a Monday

I’ll take it!


Add Some Sun

What started off as kind of a craptastic day turned out to be pretty good!  I am convinced it was because of the sun.  Earlier in the day it was overcast and grey and sucky.  Legit, as soon as the sun came out the day did a complete switcharoo!  Thank goodness!

Jface went for a motorcycle ride yesterday because he is a total baddude and went through Jim Thorpe.  He had the awesome idae of going today.  The sun was out and it was a nice day to be outside….so, to Jim Thorpe we went!  Obviously I entertained us on the ride out by singing in my good singing voice and playing photographer.

It was a small town that had a bunch of cool stores.  Mostly hippy and Irish stuff but it was still fun to walk around!  We ended up getting lunch and coffee in the town and then hitting the road back home.

Once we got back home we decided to meet up and walk the dogs.  Can I just tell you how much I love love love living in walking distance to J.  I mean, who wouldn’t want me that close to them, right j? 😛

The pups and I headed over to get Jbone and E and headed out to finish our 3 mileish walk.  The dogs were about to die of heat stroke loving life!

Now I am waiting for J and trying not to die of starvation and we are gonna eat some dinner and just relax the rest of the night.  Enjoy the little bit that’s left of your weekend! 😀


It Happens

Sometimes, it just sucks.  Sometimes, it is just hard for no reason.  Sometimes, that really pisses me off.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym with intentions of running 5 miles and doing body pump.  No. Not happening.  2.5 miles in I was burned out.  I ended up doing 2 fast 800’s so I could finish the run quicker. Then, I went to body pump and had to drop weight on everything.  Not sure why, but I was struggling big time.  Maybe my badassness caught up to me?  Oh well.

Despite a bad workout I got to hang with my two best friends.   And I got lessons on how to be fabulous from her

I spent much of the afternoon yesterday lounging outside with the puppers.  Seriously, this weather.  Boner.  Yep.  Boner.

This morning I set out for at least 10 miles.  I wanted to try out some new trails that hot dad my neighbor suggested.  I anticipated them being longer.  Bummer.  They were fun to run and a nice change but I think I will just stick to them for weekday runs.

I ended up having to zig zag in and out of side streets to get some extra miles in.  That got old really quick.   I settled with 8 miles.  And you know what, I was glad it was over.  Just like yesterday, I had a hard time with todays workout too.  WTfrenchtoast!

Not sure what today will bring, I hope I see the inside of target at some point this weekend. I might start twitching soon.  I think I am going through withdrawals!

Have a fabulous day!



Seriously.  I have reached an all new badass status!

Thursday after work, J and I met up with good friends of our to head down to Philly for OAR.  Before the concert we went to a local pizza place for dinner.  The restaurant was really cool and had a lot of different pizzas to choose from … aka pizza with pistachios!  Sounds weird. Tastes good.

Clearly I chose the beer with the anchor on it!  It was good, just a bit on the hoppy side.

After dinner we headed over to the show which was at the Theater of Living Arts.  I had never been there before but it was awesome.  It was a small venue so there wasn’t a bad seat well, standing area since it’s standing room only in the house.  OAR didn’t get on stage until 9 so we hung out at the bar in the venue for a while and entertained ourselves by photobombing a bunch of pictures. 

Rita is a pro at this!

Once the show started we sang and danced our faces off!  It was such a good time.

Jbone and I stayed at our friends house since we didn’t get home until close to 2.  YES, you read that right.  2 am.  like I said.  Bad. Ass.

I pretty much was a waste of life on Friday.  I got home from work and passed out for a while then didn’t feel like doing too much of anything.  I took the puppers for a nice long walk but that was the extent of my workout!  This morning I am heading to the gym to run and lift.  Have a good Saturday 🙂


Stupid Workout

Morning friendfaces!

I had a stupid workout this morning.  I woke up WAY too late to accomplish anything and felt frazzled the second I woke up.  I ended up doing a lame 10 minute circuit and 1.5 miles before I got annoyed and frustrated and said screw it!  That’s the worst.  I am just calling it a rest day!

I have a fun night planned with my favorite dude and one of my favorite couples and twin.

I plan on being a total badass and staying up way past my bedtime.  It will all be worth it!  Besides, tomorrow is friday!

Hopefully tonight I can help remind her why she loves concerts so much, especially with me 😉  (check out #5)


It’s Thursday and I’m thankful

I am thankful for running.  In case you are the opposite of captain obvious new to this place, I love to run

Siruis Satellite radio is new to me.  And I love that little thing.  Oh, and my ability to take amazing pictures while driving.

and yes the clock says 4:54AM

Bananas.  And peanut butter.  And their greatness together

And most of all… Secret lunch dates!

What is something you are thankful for today?


Best of both Worlds

Remember when I said I had an awesome run planned?  Well I didn’t lie.  It was awesome!

After work I headed up to a nearby lake to get my run on.  The weather was perfect.  There was a cool breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  I met with a friend and we had planned on running 2 easy loops around the lake for a total of 7 miles.  We got 7 miles in but I don’t know if I would say it was easy!   We hauled ass actually.   I don’t think I have time for a speed workout tomorrow but I don’t even care.  I am calling today tempo.  At one point we were holding a 7:18 pace.  Get it guuuurl.

Unfortunately I suck and  have no pictures of how awesome the lake is. I do, however, have a picture of my awesome running buddy.  Can’t you see him 😛

When I got home I was instantly bored.  Since it was so nice out I decided to head out for a few more miles…3 to be exact.  This time I for real  took it nice and easy.  I put my music on blasting and just ran.

Todays runs were perfect.  I got to push myself and have company doing it…. misery apparently does love company 😛  But I also got in some time to myself with just the road and the music.  2 perfect runs and 10 awesome miles.  AWESOME I TELL YA!


I’m eating eggs again.  Did I tell you that?  I mean.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  I want to eat them.  But sometimes I feel like I have to force myself.  Really, it’s just an excuse for me to eat ketchup early in the morning.  It helps too that eggs keep me full for so long.

Tonight I was craving salt.  And sweet.   And rice pudding.  Cottage cheese + tons of cinnamon = fake rice pudding.  problem solved!

get in ma belly

I plan on hangin with the puppers the rest of the night.  After the miles I did today I should ice my knee.  Should. It doesn’t hurt and isn’t swollen. I am rockin some sweet compression sleeves for my calfs calves lower legs since they were sort of sore on the runs.

See ya in the morning!