Sharing is Caring

Don’t worry.  I know you were concerned.  I  barely survived.  I mean, it was a close call but I fought a hard fight 😛

Something I learned from having a case of the poops/pukes/aches/chills… I am a big old baby.  I may or may not poke fun at a few people Jbone and my dad when they are sick but now, after this weekend they had better be making fun of me for sure.  I think at one point yesterday I was laying in bed moaning.  yes, just moaning.  Lets hope I never get seriously sick.  I feel bad for whoever has to take care of me!

The start of the weekend was good.  I had a crap 3 mile run on Saturday but that is just because I was still sore from my long run.  After that I got to spend most of the day with this girl!

And those necklaces…she puts on herself.  She gets mad when you take them off.  My niece is so supa fly.

The rest of Saturday included food.

soup salad and breadsticks

And the first Rita’s of the season!

After that it was all down the toilet  hill.  Sunday early morning I woke up and was sicker than ever.  It is amazing how much you can sleep when you are sick.  I slept pretty much all day Sunday and still a solid nights sleep Sunday night.

I am completely blaming J for getting me sick. I think it is just because he loves me so much he wanted to share.  Apparently I love this girl so much that I shared with her too.  Misery loves company 😉

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how this will affect my running.  I am definitely taking off today.  I am hoping for a few EASY miles tomorrow and then I will get back at it full force on Wednesday.  That’s the plan, let’s see if it works.

Hope you had a good, unpukey weekend!



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