What is your favorite color?   Can you pick one?

I would say mine is pink.  No, green.  No no no… yellow.  Wait.

See.  I can’t pick just one.  I am a fan of all colors.

Since I am sick and can’t stop complaining and haven’t run or even sweat in a couple of days I had a different idea for a post.  COLORS.

When I eat, I typically eat a rainbow of colors.  Most of those colors come from fruit and I definitely should make a better effort at adding more vegetables.  Nonetheless, I still eat a rainbow of colors.  Just look at my fruit drawer after food shopping.

yellow. green. red. orange.

What is your favorite color food?

You know what else I love that is colorful?

Nail polish!  One would think I have the nicest hands.  Nope.  I eat my fingers, my cuticles are dry and I bite my nails.  But at least they are colorful, no?!

My favorite brand?


I partially blame Jbone’s sister for my nail polish obsession.  Speaking of, I need to borrow that new blue! This nail polish is a bit on the expensive side, about 8.50$ a bottle but personally, I think totally worth it.  With the right top coat and allowing enough time to dry this polish doesn’t chip for days. There are also SO many colors to choose from.  It is hard to pick just one! Go try some!



3 thoughts on “Colors

  1. Yellow is my favorite color and i have yet to put it on my nails. How do you think it will look?
    Springtime is the time of year to find all different colors. Driving to work today you see yellow, pink, white AND green! So pretty

  2. they are like $4.00 on Amazon. and i usually can find free shipping…
    aka, then you get twice as much!!! can you paint me nails. wtf.
    i cant tell mine from Ryans. Ryans from mine.

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