It’s cool to be losers

Last night Jbone and I were prime examples of awesome.  I mean, look at us

we are so good-looking it hurts

Since J was sick we had a quiet, short night.  I went over and hung with him for a while.  Oh, E too.

It is true what they say….dogs looks like their owners 😛

We rented a boring movie.  Rum Diaries or something like that.  Boring.  We stopped it early and I headed home.  I had to catch up on some crap tv shows and spend time with my puppers.

I have a busy day planned.  I mean, I am still being fickle Frieda but that’s just because I have too many options!  First I am going to attempt a few miles…hopefully outside before the rain comes.  My quad is bothering me a bit from my long run though.  Lets hope it’s just super sore and not hurt.  Eff.

happy weekend 🙂



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