Best Buds

Yesterday was a fickle fest for me!  I wanted to work out, then I didn’t want to work out.  I was going to body pump then I wasn’t going.  It is exhausting being so indecisive sometimes!

Instead I opted for a spin at home.

I have to admit, it is really nice having my bike.  I got going and was really enjoying myself.  I was able to read a magazine while I rode.  I listened to pandora “pop fitness” radio and every song I would change the tempo.  It was a better workout than I anticipated.  I even had some company.

Unfortunately my workout got cut short when Jake decided to puke everywhere. Awesome.  Homeboy was not feeling well last night.  After I cleaned up his nasty mess Lola and I went to Jbones sisters house for dinner.

I think Lola found her new best friend.

Clearly I would never want to make M sad….. Probably the only nice thing to do in this situation is to give M his new best friend.  No?    I kid I kid kind of.

We had a nice evening hanging with Lola and there was even a family walk thrown in the mix.

I am sorry for the horribly awful cell phone shots.  I forgot my camera yesterday.  Woof.

Today I have speedwork planned.  I am having a hard time deciding what exactly to do because i am the ficklest ever.

My options are a longer tempo run, mile repeats at a track or 800’s at a track.  Someone please pick for me!



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