Have you ever just felt lucky for no particular reason?  I didn’t hit the lotto.  I didn’t find 100 bucks somewhere.  I didn’t land an awesome job or get a raise or anything especially awesome.  I just feel lucky.

Today at work I took advantage of the gym for the first time.

Seriously, it was so great.  I got 4 miles done and still had time to spare.  I am lucky to work at a place that allows me to do something like this!  After I finished running I had time for a quick lunch so I went and hid at one of my favorite spots.

I was sweating so horribly bad.  The peanut butter and jelly sandwich was ok.  The cold fruit on the other hand, tastes like heaven.

After work I met up with momma bear.  We got our nails did, had dinner and went food shopping.  Quality bonding time if you ask me.  I am lucky I am so close with her.  She is seriously the coolest mom I know.  For real.

I eventually had to head back home.  Check out how my ride was.

Gorgeous.  Maybe it was the ride that got me thinking?  I don’t know.  But I really just felt lucky.
You know what else is lucky?  My new awesome phone case coming today.

It looks so awesome on my phone.  The bomb dot com pretty much.

Now I am hanging with the pups waiting for Jbone to come over.  I’m also enjoying a Sam Adams spring brew too.  I’m the biggest fan of seasonal brews.  Try this sucker out of you get a chance.

Hope you’re having awesomely lucky weather wherever you are!



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