It Happens

Sometimes, it just sucks.  Sometimes, it is just hard for no reason.  Sometimes, that really pisses me off.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym with intentions of running 5 miles and doing body pump.  No. Not happening.  2.5 miles in I was burned out.  I ended up doing 2 fast 800’s so I could finish the run quicker. Then, I went to body pump and had to drop weight on everything.  Not sure why, but I was struggling big time.  Maybe my badassness caught up to me?  Oh well.

Despite a bad workout I got to hang with my two best friends.   And I got lessons on how to be fabulous from her

I spent much of the afternoon yesterday lounging outside with the puppers.  Seriously, this weather.  Boner.  Yep.  Boner.

This morning I set out for at least 10 miles.  I wanted to try out some new trails that hot dad my neighbor suggested.  I anticipated them being longer.  Bummer.  They were fun to run and a nice change but I think I will just stick to them for weekday runs.

I ended up having to zig zag in and out of side streets to get some extra miles in.  That got old really quick.   I settled with 8 miles.  And you know what, I was glad it was over.  Just like yesterday, I had a hard time with todays workout too.  WTfrenchtoast!

Not sure what today will bring, I hope I see the inside of target at some point this weekend. I might start twitching soon.  I think I am going through withdrawals!

Have a fabulous day!



One thought on “It Happens

  1. I appreciate that you share your hard days as well as your good days! It is somewhat encouraging actually to know that seasoned runners don’t always have it easy. It takes work.

    You inspire me!

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