Add Some Sun

What started off as kind of a craptastic day turned out to be pretty good!  I am convinced it was because of the sun.  Earlier in the day it was overcast and grey and sucky.  Legit, as soon as the sun came out the day did a complete switcharoo!  Thank goodness!

Jface went for a motorcycle ride yesterday because he is a total baddude and went through Jim Thorpe.  He had the awesome idae of going today.  The sun was out and it was a nice day to be outside….so, to Jim Thorpe we went!  Obviously I entertained us on the ride out by singing in my good singing voice and playing photographer.

It was a small town that had a bunch of cool stores.  Mostly hippy and Irish stuff but it was still fun to walk around!  We ended up getting lunch and coffee in the town and then hitting the road back home.

Once we got back home we decided to meet up and walk the dogs.  Can I just tell you how much I love love love living in walking distance to J.  I mean, who wouldn’t want me that close to them, right j? 😛

The pups and I headed over to get Jbone and E and headed out to finish our 3 mileish walk.  The dogs were about to die of heat stroke loving life!

Now I am waiting for J and trying not to die of starvation and we are gonna eat some dinner and just relax the rest of the night.  Enjoy the little bit that’s left of your weekend! 😀



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