Seriously.  I have reached an all new badass status!

Thursday after work, J and I met up with good friends of our to head down to Philly for OAR.  Before the concert we went to a local pizza place for dinner.  The restaurant was really cool and had a lot of different pizzas to choose from … aka pizza with pistachios!  Sounds weird. Tastes good.

Clearly I chose the beer with the anchor on it!  It was good, just a bit on the hoppy side.

After dinner we headed over to the show which was at the Theater of Living Arts.  I had never been there before but it was awesome.  It was a small venue so there wasn’t a bad seat well, standing area since it’s standing room only in the house.  OAR didn’t get on stage until 9 so we hung out at the bar in the venue for a while and entertained ourselves by photobombing a bunch of pictures. 

Rita is a pro at this!

Once the show started we sang and danced our faces off!  It was such a good time.

Jbone and I stayed at our friends house since we didn’t get home until close to 2.  YES, you read that right.  2 am.  like I said.  Bad. Ass.

I pretty much was a waste of life on Friday.  I got home from work and passed out for a while then didn’t feel like doing too much of anything.  I took the puppers for a nice long walk but that was the extent of my workout!  This morning I am heading to the gym to run and lift.  Have a good Saturday 🙂



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