What is Body Pump?

So, I am constantly talking about my love for body pump but I don’t think I ever really explained what it is.   Duh.

Body Pump is a Les Mills, choreographed, full body strength training class.  It is typically an hour-long class that incorporates mostly barbels throughout the entirety of the class.

Typical setup

I have strength trained on and off for years.  From lifting 2 muscle groups 3 times a week, to 5 days a week focusing on 1 body part a day… I have done it all.  I swear by this class.  I was never really thrilled with the idea of full body workouts.  Most likely because when I would lift, I would get sore…sometimes painfully sore.  So the thought of training my legs more than once a week was unbearable.   This class is different.

Yes, I do get sore.  But the amount of weight you use it totally up to you.  On a day you are feeling a little sore, lighten the load.  Days that you feel great and want to really push yourself, add more weight.

I think music is a big part of taking classes.  If the music sucks, I am not into the class at all.  Body Pump takes music that is mostly current and sometimes throws in an “oldie but a goodie.”  All of the tracks are available on their website.

The class is typically broken down like this with each song corresponding to a new muscle group:

Warm up









And the best part is that there are currently 81 releases.  About every 3 months a new release is available so there is more variety.  Instructors can stick to one release from start to finish, or pick tracks from different releases.

For the most part, Body Pump never gets boring.  You are constantly challenging your muscles in new ways.

One thing that I think is insane about this class is that in any given class, it is normal to do at least 800 repetitions within the hour.  For me, that is mind-blowing!

I swear by this type of training and hope that everyone gets to at least experience on class!



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