Race Schedule

Hiya friends 🙂
I don’t know about you, but between the time change and the warm weather my days are flying by!  Yesterday I didn’t sit at my computer for more than 5 minutes!

Now that it is lighter later and even a little warmer I am spending more time outside so my bedtime is getting pushed back.  Watch out, before you know it I am going to be a total bad ass staying awake untill the crazy hour of 9!  Like I said, bad.ass.

Yesterday morning I ran a nice 5 miles before work and had planned the same for this morning.  Well, this morning all I had in me was 3.  It wasn’t just a mind game this time, by body was telling me it was tired too.  It’s ok though, because with all of the nice weather we are supposed to have over the next few days I am hoping for some longer runs outside 😀

I don’t know what has gotten into me this year, but for some reason I am signed up for a ton of races.  I guess my love for running is expanding or I like being poor since these races cost so much money. 

So far I have 5 races planned for this year.  3 of them I have never done before either!

MORE Half marathon

I have done this one almost every year since I started running.  This is the race I had a PR at last year and I am hoping to do the same this year!

St. Lukes Half marathon

This is a new one for me!  I am hoping to just enjoy it, no pressure!

Run for the Red Half marathon

This race I have done both the full and half.  This year I am looking forward to doing the half for sure!

Steamtown Marathon

Now, this sucker is the most important to me.  It is a completely new race, and not just any race…it’s a marathon.  Yes, I have done a marathon before but this one is in a completely different season than the other ones I have done.  I am actually really excited for this.  Registration isn’t open yet so lets cross our fingers I get in!

Runners World Half marathon

This one is exciting.  It is close to home, hosted by the most awesomest magazine ever and during the fall.  3 great things all rolled into one!

Did you sign up for a race yet?  Remember, we talked about this 😉

Have a good day!



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